segunda-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2009

would you understand?!

This morning I get up thinking of writting in English here...
I know some of you cannot understand very well but I gonna do it ! lol... It was a long time ago that I wrote in I'm not sure of correct writing... but I really don't care! This blog is mine so I can do what I wanna

Last friday was the Ana's wedding. Many Davi's relatives came to the ceremomy...It was very nice because I spent time with them and they're
You could ask me why I'm writing about it if this blog is about me and Davi... Well..I'm doing this coz after Ana's wedding comes mine! yay!
The other reason is that the last post I wrote about Davi's hair... and I promised a pic of him!

Then now I introduce you the new Davi looks! lol..
He's so gorgeous...I love him even knowing He is gonna kill me after this

sorry about the
much love!

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